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Occurs in tropical and subtropical regions. China, Japan, Mediterranean countries, USA, Caucasus, Central Asia.

Botanical description of the plant

The tree is 8-10 m long, the branches are round or pyramidal in shape. .Kavkaz dates are resistant to cold.

Diospyros lotus L

Medicinal properties

Dates are tasty and useful fruit. Improves the ability to build and slows down the aging process, due to the content of vitamin A. It boosts immunity, helps fight disease and boosts mood. Excessive consumption causes constipation.

Growing technology

Date transplanting is carried out mainly in a vegetative way, that is, by grafting buds on the graft. Caucasus and virgin date seeds are harvested in the fall, before they soften. The harvested fruits are held in a shady place until softened and crushed with soft objects or by hand, the seeds are separated from the bruises. It is then poured into a bowl of water. In this case, the flesh of the fruit, the peel and the empty seeds rise to the surface of the water and they are removed. The dark seeds sink to the bottom of the pot. The seeds separated from the fruit are spread in the shade to a thickness of 2-3 cm and dried, stirring 2-3 times a day. The weight of 1000 seeds is 130-140 g in Caucasian dates. 1 kg of virgin date seeds contains 2500-3000 seeds. The best time for sowing seeds is spring (March). Seeds sown in the fall also germinate in March-April in the spring, but seedlings can sometimes perish from low temperatures in early spring. Seeds prepared in the fall and stored dry are soaked in water for 2 days (water is changed). Before planting, 60 cm furrows are taken from the prepared ground. The sowing rate of seeds is 4 g. p / m. Or 70 kg / ha. Seeds are sown at a depth of 3–4 cm above the edges. After sowing the seeds, the branches are watered sparingly. Depending on the weather in March, the seedlings are watered again before germination.